Watsu® During Pregnancy

Let yourself be immersed in warm water, quite like your baby inside your womb.

Weightlessly supported by the buoyancy of the water, gently swayed and attentively stretched by a caring and therapeutic touch to help melt into the water tensions, worries, and pains you may be experiencing.

As your body becomes freer, movements become more and more wave-like.

Taking time for yourself and the new life growing inside you, you may enter a whole new realm of connection with your unborn child.

A unique experience and a precious gift to be had while pregnant.

The multi-dimensionality of the warm water and the lack of gravity allows so many more movements, positions, and stretches than those available on land, promoting a feeling of weightlessness and relief.

No wonder that on top of the vast benefits for many clients, there is a breadth of meaningful physical and mental treasures for both the pregnant parent and their unborn child of receiving Watsu® sessions while pregnant.

A pregnant young woman with her eyes closed and a with black bikini is being floated in a pool
Prenatal Watsu Session with Anat Juran

What is Watsu®?

Watsu® is a passive form of aquatic therapy, meaning you are not required to be an active participant (such as in hydrotherapy, or some types of massage), and instead are invited to let go and to let your body surrender and unwind, to be soothed, and to feel free.

Developed in the early 1980s, Watsu® has become known as the world’s first form of aquatic bodywork and has since played a major role in the development of other forms of aquatic bodywork techniques, many of which are now offered by professionals in various settings worldwide, including rehabilitations centres, spas, wellness centres, and aquatic therapy clinics.

Watsu® sessions are conducted in chest level warm water by a skilled therapist who will gently float, cradle, move, stretch, sway, and massage you, inducing relaxation, healing and a natural sense of wellbeing.

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A pregnant young woman in a black bikini is resting her hand on her belly while being held in a pool by a therapist