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Can already smell you in the womb: 20 facts about babies

When does the fetus begin to remember sounds? how does stress affect the fetus's nerve system? and when do babies begin to cry? rejoice in food? identify their names?

20 things you didn't know about fetuses and babies:

1. By the seventh month a fetus has fingerprints

2. From the 30th week of pregnancy, a fetus remembers a sound she heard ten minutes before.

3. A fetus can already smell its mother in the womb.

4. Until the eighth week of pregnancy, the genitalia of the fetus is female (even if the sex of the fetus is male) and only at this point the genitalia changes according to the genetics of the fetus: If the fetus is genetically male, penis and testicles will develop, if the fetus is genetically female, a limb will develop. Kind of feminine. Until the eighth week of pregnancy, the genitals of males and females cannot be distinguished.

5. When mothers experience psychological stress during pregnancy it causes an accelerated maturation of the nervous system in the fetus.

6. In the third year of life it can determined whether the baby will be left or right handed.

7. Tears of crying first appear in infants aged three to four weeks.

8. Babies are always born with blue eyes. The colour of their eyes can change within moments of birth.

9. TV on in the background lowers the quality of parent-child interaction.

10. At a year and a half, a toddler can identify herself in the mirror.

11. From a month and a half, babies respond with a smile.

12. Babies are born with swimming abilities and the ability to hold their breath. However, they lose these capabilities very quickly.

13. In her first year, the baby will lose weight.

14. From the age of four months babies are happy to see food.

15. From the age of four months babies laugh out loud.

16. From the age of ten months, a baby responds to her name, the calling of her name, or the sound of her name.

17. At the age of nine months the “cuckoo” game gives the baby unlimited pleasure.

18. At the age of nine months, a "transit object” gives the baby comfort when the parents are away.

19. At 18 months a baby kisses parents with pouted or contracted lips.

20. At 24 months, the toddler helps to strip his clothes or helps undress herself.


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