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Anat Juran

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Anat Juran Profile Picture for Aquanat Our Team

“Being in the water and connecting with people has been my passion and medicine since I remember myself, hence, my life is forever entwined with water and people”.​

Read Anat's story here: "How my parenting journey shaped my approach to work in the water"...

During 15 years as a leading swimming coach in Israel, and over 20 years of managing her own aquatic centres and boutique swim schools, Anat Juran, owner and founder of Aquanat, developed a few specialised swimming programs for babies, toddlers, children, young adults, adults,  and people with swimming challenges.

In addition to her extensive experience in the aquatic industry, specialising in teaching swimming to babies and toddlers, Anat is an internationally qualified Watsu® and Healing Dance® aquatic therapist and trainer, and a Waterdance® practitioner. These are forms of Aquatic Therapy which she often combines in her sessions. 


Over the years Anat explored many forms of therapy including Swedish, sports, aromatherapy and shiatsu massage, ultimately bringing these skills together with her passion for Aquatic Therapy.

Anat is also trained in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, and SE, Somatic Experiencing for trauma resolution, applying and integrating therapeutic principles in her practice and teaching. 

She has both an Israeli and Australian qualification as a pool manager and holds the Australian accreditation to teach swimming to people with disabilities.

Anat is the founder of The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork, established in order to provide world-class aquatic therapy training and support the growth of the professional community.  

  • Australian and International Qualifications and Professional Certificates of Swim Coaching and Teaching of different populations 

  • Austswim executive member  and qualified instructor specialising in teaching swimming to infants as well as people with disabilities 

  • Watsu and Healing Dance Instructor

  • Watsu,  Healing Dance, and Waterdance Practitioner

  • Halliwick WST (Water Specific Therapy) International Certification

  • SE (Somatic Experiencing) for Trauma Resolution registered practitioner.

  • Hakomi (Somatic Psychotherapy) Graduate

  • TAE cert IV in Training and Assessment 

  • RLSS Certificate of Pool Operation

Sharon Profile Profile Picture for Aquanat Our Team

"Growing up in a country that is below sea level, the Netherlands, made it so I could swim before I could walk. I have always loved swimming. I began practicing swimming as a sport when I was 5 and was hooked ever since. The freedom and sensation of the water carrying me gives me so much enjoyment, so much so that I used to spend a few days a week at the local pool in my hometown growing up.

As a Bachelor of Social Work I have had over 7 years of experience in childcare, afterschool care and working with kids with special needs such as autism, ADHD as well as speech and language impairment. My work background with children, which is my life’s passion, has contributed to developing an approach and gaining understandings that enable me to give kids that extra bit of support in their swimming journey."

Not just a swim teacher!

Sharon is also an artists, and her paintings can be viewed on her Instagram page and purchased online on her RedBubble store.

You will also find some of her creations around our Alfred Cove centre!

Adaya Juran Profile Profile Picture for Aquanat Our Team

Adaya combines her love of water and swimming with her joy of working with people, her interest in therapy and wellness, and her vast experience in creative industries, as a 'Jill of all trades' for Aquanat and The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork.

Adaya is the friendly voice behind the phone (especially if she had a sufficient amount of coffee) and administrator, but she also does photography, graphic design, interior design, website design & social media, among other things. She is also a swim teacher and an Aquatic Bodywork student of Watsu and Healing Dance

Her credentials include a BA in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Photography with a few awards for her artwork as well as academic achievements. An exhibition of her fine art photography has been showing in a few venues in Perth. 

She now enjoys being able to flexibly use all her different passions at our family business, and help people find a love for water. 

"Until deciding to become involved with my family's business, I think that I took the ability to move freely in water and the joy I feel in this element, for granted. I feel very natural in water, is an element where I find peace, equilibrium, wellness, aliveness, and freedom. Today I know not everyone has this privilege and I thank my mom (Anat) for imparting me with her passion and knowledge, starting from a very young age where, thanks to her, being in water became associated for me with joy, fun, imagination and play. I'm proud that what we do is to help others find and foster this kind of magic too and to help improve their wellbeing".


Nathalie Boukpeti Profile Picture for Aquanat Our Team

“Water is where I feel at home”.

I have heard that many times and this is true for me too.

Swimming laps in the pool, swimming in the ocean or snorkelling have given me some of my best experiences of wellbeing.

It is from this love of water and swimming that I decided to become a swimming instructor.

I love being in my body, being aware of it, feeling it move and I have explored that throughout my life while doing ballet, various forms of dance and training as a yoga teacher.

After working for many years as a Civil Engineer/Researcher, I have decided to take a new path and follow my interest and love of water and therapy. I am currently training in Aquatic Bodywork (Watsu and Healing Dance), continuing my exploration of body, movement, breath, and how it relates to health and wellbeing.

I am a mother of two young women and I take interest and pleasure in accompanying people in their learning and growth, so they can become the best version of themselves.

It is a great privilege and pleasure to be part of the Aquanat team and to accompany children and adults on their water journey, so they can feel safe and free to explore themselves and the water world.

Sharon Stensen
Adaya Juran
Natahlie Boukpeti
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