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adult women wearing a swim cap is swimming a pool with a kickboard and splashing with her feet

Adult Swimming Lessons

Aquanat provides swimming lessons to help people of all abilities and all ages. The sessions are conducted in small, age-compatible groups, or you can choose to have a one-on-one session.

  • Are a non-swimmer?

  • Are you anxious about learning to swim?

  • Do you desire to swim with ease?

  • Do you simply wish to improve technique?

  • Would you like to avoid injuries?

  • Do you need to swim for health reasons?

  • Do you need individual attention?

Then Aquanat's one on one swimming lessons are for you!

We teach you how to notice and work on elements that are important to developing confidence, to maximising productively, and to improving technique.

We will focus on things such as breath, body positioning, timing, among others, and how to pay attention to all of these simultaneously.

We share knowledge that you will be able to use and implement independently long after you complete the program.

Most of all, you will discover the magic and freedom that is in the water and have fun!

Private Swimming Lessons

30min | $84 per session

Adult Beginner Swim Group Classes

1hr | $500 per 10 week term

Ai-Chi Adult Warm Water Exercise Classes

1hr | $500 per 10 week term


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We accept NDIS funding as payment method.

Just speak to us about your circumstances when wanting to enrol.

Contact us | | 08 9496 1622

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