Baby Swim Classes

Based on 35 years of experience in teaching babies to swim, witnessing hundreds of babies becoming aquatic explorers, we are delighted to offer a holistic program that not only teaches great aquatic skills but supports all aspects of a baby’s wellbeing and development.

Baby & Parent Classes (From 10wks)

Babies and infants are born with the potential to be naturally free in the water. When allowed to explore this potential in a warm, consistent and supportive environment of parent, teacher and child, they are encouraged to feel confident.

We teach tangible aquatic skills that lead to early confident swimming, by utilising games and playfulness. 

Through active and joyful participation, babies develop skills that enable significant independence, empowering them to move in the water with ease and grace so they can explore three-dimensional weightlessness in their liquid playground.

We use games as a fun way to explore all senses. Through games we stimulate and  support the development of motor skills, muscle strength, intellect, language and sociability.

Our aquatic program for babies is designed not only to liberate them in the water but also to:

  • Contribute to a healthy parent-baby bond

  • Improve all aspects of physical skills such as strength, flexibility, resilience, stamina, endurance, and kinaesthetic coordination.

  • Strengthen the baby’s cardiovascular functioning (lungs and heart)

  • Encourage confidence

  • Support the development of early language skills

  • Help sleeping patterns by teaching babies how to relax

Keeping our groups small (6 participants per instructor) helps to maintain attentive and fully present instruction throughout the lesson.

This class in continuous and progressive, allowing you to join at any point

Baby Swim (Max 6 per group)

30min - $24 per session

Private Lessons (one on one)

30min - $55 per session

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