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Swimming Lessons

Some toddlers are ready to move forward to a group without their parents as early as 30 months, while other children benefit from continuing swimming lessons with their parent for a longer period.

Our Instructors monitor all aspects of our students’ physical and emotional needs to determine what is best for each child, without comparing them to their peers or forcing them to fit into some arbitrary standard.


When certain cognitive, physical and motor skills are achieved, we invite the child to continue with a compatible smaller group of children, with no parent in the water. This decision is, of course, is made in consultation with the parent.

Some other things to know about this part of our program:

  • Parents are invited to be present during their children lessons for support and supervision.

  • We aim to teach the foundations of four strokes, survival techniques, diving strategies and other related aquatic skills.

  • There’s lots of fun and cognitive stimulation to make the learning an enjoyable and inspiring experience.

  • We keep the group together as long as it benefits all its members, harnessing the social bond that the children form over time.

Keeping our groups small (4 participants per instructor) helps to maintain attentive and fully present instruction throughout the lesson.

However, some children and even adults learn best in a group setting whereas for others it may be better to start with private sessions so that the foundation is established before joining a group.

A child may be falling behind or display unhappiness in the water which can be attributed to a variety of different reasons, in such cases considering taking up private sessions could be beneficial.

Toddlers and kids swimming lessons are continuous and progressive, allowing you to join at any point

Toddler Swim (Max 4 per group)

30min - $25 per session

Private Lessons (one on one)  

30min - $60 per session

Swimming Lessons for Perth & Mosman Park Toddlers and Kids

Every child and toddler should learn how to swim as it is one of the most essential skills every person in AUstralia could have, particularly important for Perth residents who are in proximity to an abundance of water sources such as pools, beaches and waterways, with a big culture around these!

As well as ensuring children feel confident and safe in the water, swimming lessons can also be wonderful for overall development, helping them develop independence and a way to explore the world with their senses. 

We don't just aim to teach swimming, but to also make it full magic and fun, helping young to foster a love for water as well as important aquactic skills. A happy experience for all ages, one that would continuously enrich an entire lifetime.

To book swimming classes call us on (08) 9496 1622 or email

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