Learning to swim

with Aquanat

Our teaching style is based on the belief that swimming is quite natural and joyful to humans, while acknowledging that different experiences may have created challenges for some.


We aim to make learning accessible, easy and enjoyable for all.

Our teaching is inspired by different techniques and philosophies, among which are  the international Halliwick method, Alexander techniques, Tai chi, Feldenkrais, Montessori, Aquatic Bodywork, and others.


These methods help us tailor an aquatic session designed to achieve the desired outcome for every individual. We consider each person’s unique learning style and strengths, and help every client find their own easy and enjoyable swimming approach. 

In short, lessons are tailored to all ages and any level of experience, whether you’re a beginner, a confident swimmer or someone who feels anxious about swimming.

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Aquatic Therapy


Contact us

(08) 9496 1622


Rocky Bay Village

60 McCabe Street


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