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with Aquanat

Our teaching style is based on the belief that swimming should be a natural and joyful experience!


We aim to make learning accessible, easy and enjoyable for all. No matter your swimming background or physical or mental ability.

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Our teaching is inspired by different techniques and philosophies, among which are  the international Halliwick method, Alexander technique, Tai chi, Feldenkrais, Montessori, Aquatic Bodywork, and others.


These methods help us tailor sessions to achieve the desired outcome for every individual. We consider each person’s unique learning style and strengths, and help every client find their own easy and enjoyable swimming approach. 


Lessons are tailored to all ages and any level of experience, whether you’re a beginner, a confident swimmer or someone who feels anxious about swimming.

Being a family owned swim school, we are all passionate about what we do. We believe teaching is more than just giving instruction, it is about tuning in to the needs of each individual, it's about creating a meaningful relationship and bond with our clients, and providing consistency. This means that our teachers are highly trained as well as posses backgrounds in therapy. Our philosophy is that, unless absolutely unavoidable, you will see the same teacher each week.

Offering small and intimate group classes and one on one swimming lessons, we conduct all instruction in dedicated indoors training and teaching pools, heated to 35°C - not general public swimming facilities. This means that you'll be able to focus on your lessons in a relaxing environment without distraction.

What makes Aquanat different? 

What our students say...


"We absolutely LOVE our swimming lessons with Aquanat!! Anat’s lessons break away from the traditional swimming lessons and allow your kids to discover and enhance their skills while nurturing their love for water. She keeps her classes small to ensure each kid gets the attention they need..."


"Anat and her team are miracle workers. Before we started swimming lessons with Anat, and after trying two other swim schools, our 4 year old son was so scared of water he wouldn't go under the shower. All he wants to do now is go under water! I wish we had found Aquanat sooner!"


"Our 10 month old has attended 3 terms with Anat and there will be more in the future. Swimming with an infant is as much about training the adult as it is about training the baby. Anat and her team safely guide you through this process, challenging you both to succeed and build confidence."

About us

Aquanat was founded in 2001 in Perth, Western Australia, by Anat Juran, a trainer and therapist with decades of experience in aquatic education and aquatic therapy.

One of Western Australia's leading providers of aquatic education, Aquanat is based in Mosman Park, Perth, and is within easy access to surrounding suburbs such as Claremont and Cottesloe, as well as Perth areas. 

Our services​

The pool we use


Our services are currently being offered at the state of the art heated indoor hydrotherapy pool at Rocky Bay Village (disability services centre) in Mosman Park (see images below).

We operate in dedicated pool environments, distinct from public swimming facilities, as it is imperative to our programs.

We pay specialised attention to details that enhance a positive experience, by:

  • Keeping water temperature at 34-35 ℃.

  • Maintaining good flow of air & warm / natural lighting.

  • Ensuring access to comfortable changing rooms.

  • Aesthetically pleasant surroundings.

  • Maintaining a sanitation and filtration system for clear, healthy, and odourless water.


Aquatic Therapy

What is Aquatic Therapy?

During the first nine months of our life in our mother’s womb we are suspended in warm liquid. Indeed many of us describe the feeling of a dip in hot springs as returning to the womb.

Being in warm water is a pleasant feeling for most people - a sense of relaxation and weightlessness that spreads over the body and soul.

Immersion in water has many healing properties that positively impact our mood and help promote wellbeing, which in turn can improve our quality of life.

All over the world, a wide range of aquatic therapy treatments, such as  Watsu®, Healing Dance®

and Waterdance®, have been developed.

Many of these are offered in warm water and are designed to treat various health conditions. Recognition of the effectiveness of such treatments has been increasing among both the general public and the medical professions.  

​Aquanat's skilled aquatic therapists can help relieve pain, promote relaxation, improve flexibility, mobilise joints, strengthen muscles, rehabilitate injuries, all of which can improve general wellbeing. The weightlessness afforded by aquatic therapy makes it suitable for people of most levels of ability.



"With my eyes closed and breathing gently regulated, the sensation is extraordinary as my upper and lower spine, back, neck, shoulders, arms and head are massaged, manipulated and relaxed in ways that are simply not possible on dry land…. miraculously free of every stress and tension knot, every ache and pain with which I began the treatment..."


"As my body moved through the water and the resistance of the water pushed and pulled at my limbs I gave up my own resistance to the movement and allowed my body to work with the water and the movement in ways that were clearly specifically designed and intended, feeling the stretching that came with that movement in a way that was not dissimilar to the satisfying elongation of muscles when stretching on waking or at the end of a tiring day..."


"..what I would experience in my Watsu hour was pure bliss, like nothing I have ever experienced before. Once I completely let go and allowed the water to take over (at times I was completely unaware of Anat’s presence) I was transported away from daily life and stresses and went somewhere either inside or outside of myself, I am not sure, perhaps both. Wherever it was it felt good to be there..."


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Rocky Bay Village

60a McCabe Street


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