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Aquanat's New Centre in Perth

Our new specialised hydrotherapy pool facility is about to be completed!

The suburban house at 545 Canning Highway, in Alfred Cove, our new centre, is going through a significant transformation.

With an indoor - outdoor covered pool that is heated to 34-35°C all year round, an outdoor sitting area, as well as new changing rooms, the space is designed to be cosy, aesthetic, personal, and to complement our teaching and therapy approach.

We aim to create a relaxing and healthy facility by utilising passive energy design for airflow, soft natural lighting, calming colours, and a vigorous sanitation and filtration system.

All designed to help foster a homely and calming environment that we believe contributes positively to wellbeing as well as to learning.

A space that is aligned with our vision - to provide excellent personal care for each of our clients.

Many years ago, we made a key decision to keep our swimming classes small along with providing personal attention and maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

It is also important to us to employ carefully chosen, highly educated and attentive teachers, as well as to provide individualised friendly reception.

This means that we are keeping our Perth based Baby-Parent groups and Toddlers’ swimming classes small in size and in number in the pool, employing likeminded staff that we personally train and supervise, and continue enjoying personal connection with our clients.

All of which are integrated in our teaching philosophy and approach.

As you might know, we are a family run business, and for us the renovation process is personal; the whole family is highly involved, contributing our time, effort, and skills, and we thank our builder for what seems an endless amount of patience.

So, if you decide to drive past you may be able to spot some familiar faces, looking a bit different in our tattered workwear...

We hope to officially open in early 2022 and to welcome you there!

If you’d like us to let you know when we open!


If you'd like to go on our waiting list for classes! (At either the new Alfred Cove pool

or at our existing Mosman Park location).

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