Ten Tips for Swimming With Your Child Over The Summer Holidays

Advice from Aquanat on how to practise swimming skills with your little one.

1. Find Time

Find time, as many times a week possible, to be with your child in the water and practice the skills learned during your swimming lessons.

Make it a special time together with your child, a time during which your phone as well as other commitments are put to rest so they don’t get in your way of being present, attuned, and responsive.

Did you know spending quality time together with your child in the water can help their development? Read more...

Baby holding a red toy looking into their parent's eyes during a swimming lesson

2. It's All About Play!

There’s no need to teach your child to swim, instead, allow them to play and test their own abilities in a spontaneous creative way.

This time together is as much for you as it is for them. Find joy together splashing, making funny noises and blowing bubbles!

Toddler in a pool wearing a red Minnie Mouse swimsuit smiling as she is thrown into the air by a swimming instructor during a children's swimming lesson

3. Keep A Watchful Eye

Kids always need to be supervised around water, and especially with our more fearless children!

While we don't like to think about it, things can go wrong in seconds, so keep a very watchful eye even if they are quite strong little dolphins.

Accidents DO happen and often in moments where parents are not alert and paying attention to water safety.

View of two boys happily splashing water as they play at the water's edge

4. Throw Out Those Floatation Devices

Do not use floatation devices! - Please, please, please!!!