10 Reasons Why Babies Love Swimming Lessons!

If babies could talk - 10 reasons they love being in the water with you.

Every new parent wishes they could ask their newborn what they are thinking.

We know as parents when our babies are happy and when they are unsure.

Even before they can use facial expression, words or gestures we can sense when they are peaceful or excited.

Baby swimming lessons are one of the most joyful ways to connect with your newborn!

After over a decade of teaching parents and babies to love the water, we at Aquanat think we have a pretty good idea of what your newborn would say about baby swimming lessons if they could talk.

They would say...


I love being close to you when we are swimming together


I love the touch of my skin with your skin


Your arms are a safe haven for me


I LOVE it when I’m the centre of your attention!


The warmth of the water is like a warm blanket covering my body


I can create magnificent ripples and whirlpools with my arms and legs


When I dive and hold my breath under the water you think that I’m so clever


I can see in your eyes how much you love me and care for me


It feels like the water is another part of you - supporting me as I float


My swimming lessons are the only place that I can move in all directions without falling! 

If you are curious about baby swimming lessons or have been thinking about enrolling get in touch today and have a chat! 

You don't need to be a confident swimmer yourself to embrace baby swimming lessons.

We are here to answer your questions and share our love of the water and swimming with you and your baby. 

Love, the Aquanat team.

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