10 Reasons Why Babies Love Swimming Lessons!

If babies could talk - 10 reasons they love being in the water with you.

Every new parent wishes they could ask their newborn what they are thinking.

We know as parents when our babies are happy and when they are unsure.

Even before they can use facial expression, words or gestures we can sense when they are peaceful or excited.

Baby swimming lessons are one of the most joyful ways to connect with your newborn!

After over a decade of teaching parents and babies to love the water, we at Aquanat think we have a pretty good idea of what your newborn would say about baby swimming lessons if they could talk.

They would say...


I love being close to you when we are swimming together

A mother is holding smiling baby close in a pool


I love the touch of my skin with your skin

A father is holding his smiling baby close skin touching skin in a pool


Your arms are a safe haven for me

A mother is holding smiling baby close in a pool


I LOVE it when I’m the centre of your attention!

dad playing with his baby son in the pool


The warmth of the water is like a warm blanket covering my body

Baby girls splashing water with their hands in the pool while being held by their dads


I can create magnificent ripples and whirlpools with my arms and legs