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10 Funny Things Children Said


Jen (4 years) about her newborn baby sister:

“She is so cute! I wish she will become a fairy, grow wings and fly away”


Mum: “Harry (3), how do you feel”?

Harry: “OK”

Mum: "Can you give me a longer answer?"

Harry: “Ooooookkkkkkeeeyy”


In playgroup:

Mum: “Ok…let’s organise it all now. Where are the dinosaurs”?

Child (4) “Extinct”


Grandma: “Long time ago we didn’t have phones so people used to send messages using bonfire”

Kid (3.5): “It must have been very hot on the ears then”


Mum to Michael: “Do you want to have a little brother”?

Michael(4): “On no, it’s already too hard”


Mum to her kid: “Did you eat the lettuce”?

Kid: “No, I need real food”


In the restaurant:

Daniel: "Would you like to play with me”?

Rory: “No, my foot hurts and I want to rest”

Daniel: “When do you think your foot will stop hurting”?

Rory: “Maybe when you go away”


When a child genuinely wants to give a complement:

Child: “Mum, you are the MOST special mum in the world”

Mum: "Thank you my dear. And why is that”?

Child: “Because you have a mustache”


Dad: “where is mum”?

Dani (2.5): “she went to the supermarker”


Brianna (3.5) on her way to childcare: “Mum, can you play a game with me”?

Mum: “Ok Brianna. What’s the game”?

Brianna: “That it is Sunday and we go back home”


group of young children smiling and playing with colourful toys

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