Watsu® I: Professional Training Course with Anat Juran, 22nd to 27th of April, 2021

Are you curious to learn more about Watsu® ?

Would you like to become a Watsu® practitioner?

Are you interested in joining a group of like-minded people for a unique learning experience, on a journey to better understand what aquatic bodywork is all about?

We are pleased to announce that Watsu® I with Aquatic Bodywork specialist Anat Juran is now open for enrollments!

Group of 9 smiling faces of men and women standing in a swimming pool
Some of our Watsu graduates during their course with Anat

Watsu® I is an opportunity for anyone, practitioner or novice, to learn new skills, fine tune existing ones, or be introduced to the world of aquatic bodywork.

Spend 6 days of personal learning and professional development in a beautiful beachside villa in Two Rocks, 65km North of Perth, complete with an indoors heated pool where we will train.

Our students are welcome to stay in this 3-story luxurious villa just 2 minutes walk to the beach.

The villa features, among many other amenities, a huge and well equipped kitchen, utility room with washing machine and iron, a balcony with sitting areas and BBQ, living room, dining area, and much more.

The villa allows students space and privacy to enjoy different areas by themselves throughout the week or choose to socialise in communal living spaces.

Shops and amenities are a gentle walk away.

What is Watsu®?

Watsu® is a gentle form of therapeutic aquatic bodywork conducted in warm water. It works on many levels, from the purely physical to the emotional and spiritual.

Quote by Watsu student in blue writing that reads "I was in a bubble of healing and love. Anyone can do this and everyone should."

Watsu® has been shown to relieve pain, release tension and reduce stress. It increases the body’s range of motion, improves circulation and radiates warmth, promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing.

At present, many professional therapists around the world are incorporating a full range of Watsu applications and principles with their practice. Sharing ideas, knowledge and skills enriches benefits for wellbeing.

Click here to learn more about Aquatic Bodywork.

Woman with long dark hair standing with her back in view holding a woman in the water during a Watsu aquatic bodywork session
Student practicing with her peer during their Watsu I course

Watsu® I is the first 50-hour module and the first step towards the Watsu® international provider and practitioner certification.

It is also the pre-requisite for intermediate and advanced courses of Watsu®,

and other elective modalities such as Healing Dance and Waterdance.

Students Learn…

~ Techniques of how to stay grounded while floating a client in water ~

~ Communication skills within a therapeutic context ~

~ How to optimise body movements for effortless flow in the water ~

~ How to use breath to establish connection ~

~ The Watsu® sequence (positions and movements) ~

~ Applying self-care while supporting and moving others in water ~

~ How to create a graceful flow between movements ~

~ Introduction to the concepts of Zen Shiatsu ~

~ A reference for themselves of being held in water ~

Students Successfully Completing This Course Will Be Able To…

~ Safely perform a simple 1-hour Watsu® session ~

~ Be eligible for a ‘Watsu Student' listing on the World Wide Aquatic Bodywork Association Registry (WABR) ~

~ Be able to progress to intermediate and advanced courses of Watsu® and other elective modalities towards obtaining a Provider or Practitioner Certification status ~

Anat Juran holding a woman in a black swimsuit by the leg as she supports her body in the water during a Watsu session
Anat Juran giving an Watsu session

Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA)

The Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association oversees aquatic bodywork training and certification programs and their ethical application; coordinates research; and helps provide access to the benefits of aquatic bodywork.

Watsu® Practitioners, Instructors, and Training Institutes are members of WABA.

Group of Wastu students leaning on each other and forming a circle with their bodies in a light blue pool
Some of our Watsu graduates during their course

Instructor Anat Juran

Anat is an internationally qualified Aquatic Bodywork specialist and teacher.

Quote by Watsu instructor Anat Juran in blue writing that reads "Being in the water and connecting with people has been my passion and medicine since I remember myself, hence, my life is forever entwined with water and people".

She is a WABA Watsu® and Healing Dance therapist and trainer, as well as a Waterdance practitioner, an Hakomi graduate, and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner.

Read Anat's story here: "My Watsu Journey. How Aquatic Bodywork Transformed My Work, Life and Outlook"

Anat Juran holding a woman in the water who is wearing blue floats on her legs and in a sideways position
Anat Juran giving an Aquatic Bodywork session

Watsu® I: Professional Training Course with Anat Juran

22nd -27th April 2021

COST: $1590 (AUD)

* Price includes vegan food supplies, fun and nourishing communal cooking in a relaxed environment


* Subject to availability at the time of enrolment

~ Private room (Queen bed) with en-suite and ocean views: $140pn ~

~ Private room (Queen bed) with en-suite: $120pn ~

~ Private room (Queen bed) with shared bathroom and ocean views: $100pn ~

~ Shared room (single bunk beds) with shared bathroom and ocean views: $60pn pp ~

Spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

Quote by Watsu student in blue writing that reads "Anat('s) commitment to each one of us separately and as a group, with so much creativity, yet full of joy and humour made a significant impression on us all".

We are thrilled to be offering this course again and look forward to meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones.

Whether you are interested in self development, professional development, or in becoming an internationally recognised Watsu® practitioner, Watsu® 1 is a great way to start your journey.


Group of men and women leaning backwards with their arms spread wide holding hands and forming a circle with their bodies in a pool
Some of our Watsu graduates during their course

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