We help babies, toddlers and young children become independent and safe in the water, by teaching parents and children how to relax and trust buoyancy,  which makes learning natural and easy.

Start from as young as 10 weeks!

Young humans are able to instinctively learn to move under the water and come up for air, each in their own time and unique way. Aquanat’s program for babies and toddlers encourages explorative playfulness.


Children shine when their strengths and uniqueness are acknowledged and nurtured by an attuned teacher. 

A teacher that establishes an authentic connection and is able to respond to your child’s individual way of learning. Our approach empowers your child’s need to discover, be curious, joyfully play, and have fun while learning critical skills.

If you can’t find such a teacher your child may miss the opportunity to find magic in the water.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your child can independently, joyfully and freely play in the water, exploring movement like a little dolphin. 

It may be possible sooner than you ever expected.


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Rocky Bay Village

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What our students say...

My children learnt from Anat as babies. She knew their "being" in an instant in the water. Now 7 and 10 the boys are excellent swimmers although they have not had many lessons. One in particular looks like an Olympian in the making - all down to Anats natural way of teaching I'm sure! I miss seeing Anat too! Thanks forever Anat, we will never forget you when we "fly" in the water.


Thanks forever Anat, we will never forget you when we "fly" in the water

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After going through few regular generic swimming schools, I felt My son was getting no where. He loves the water and thats why I kept going but he wasn't improving and he also got bored. Until I met Anat and I was blown away. Not only an amazing pool (34 degrees), but her skills and experience as a swimming teacher, like no other. Personal attention, attentive to what my son needs but also giving him space to explore and try out, small intimate group, quiet private pool. In just few lessons, my son was so free in the water, very confident, diving freely and exploring safely the water and keeps progressing more and more each time. I cant express enough my gratitude and I am so lucky to have found her!


Swim school with a difference...

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Sofi had her very first swimming class at Aquanat and it was full of fun. All the babies are all the same age group and get to learn how to swim with parents' participation. First class we established confidence both within baby and parents. It was such a great interactive class and we definitively come back for more!!


It was such a great interactive class and we definitively come back for more!!​

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Your instructors


Anat Juran

Founder, Owner

Instructor, Therapist,

Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner and Teacher


Sharon Stensen

Swimming Instructor,

Aquatic Bodywork graduate